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Our Approach

We advocate adoption of a new methodology from the top-down; but implementation from the bottom-up. The reason is simple: For any methodology to succeed, it requires support at all levels of the enterprise; and scaling should only occur as needed, after the foundation is built.

Our certified Lean-Agile consultants will guide and mentor your management team throughout the Agile transition; while training and coaching your development teams. Regardless of the chosen framework, such as SAFe®, the foundational principles are Lean-Agile.

Our Story

LarkinSoft got its start in 2004 as the Texas office, and wholly-owned subsidiary, of Larkin Industries, Inc., a Nevada software development firm since 1985. In December 2016, Dan James, former CEO of Larkin, bought out the Texas subsidiary and the rights to the LarkinSoft trademark, reorganizing as a Texas LLC. Dan is the Senior Consultant, specializing in Agile Coaching, and is a certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC4).